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Our Mission: Your Vote is a consortium of thirty-four Florida Counties who have come together to provide state-of-the-art ballot access to some of our hardest to reach voters.  Partnering with Democracy Live and Microsoft through a grant program instituted by the Federal Voting Assistance Program, we serve nearly every major military installation in Florida.  Participation is completely voluntary.

Once logged in to the LiveBallot system, voters can follow one of two paths:

  • Vote using an online ballot marking wizard
  • Print a blank ballot and vote manually

Once your ballot is complete and printed, you can return it using any legal method available in Florida.  Simply follow the instructions provided for whichever method you choose.

Please note that this is not internet voting.  This system delivers blank absentee ballots to self-selecting Florida voters who are protected under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizen Absentee Voting Act—eliminating the time needed to send those ballots by mail.  Eligible voters can access ballots when it is convenient for them, and can only return those ballots by means authorized under Section 101.697, Florida Statutes and Administrative Rules 1S-2.030 and 1S-2.049.