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Okaloosa County led coalition receives state approval of electronic system for military/overseas voters

December 16, 2011 Leading a coalition of twelve other Florida counties, the Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections received approval from the state Division of Elections in the use of its electronic ballot delivery system.

The interim approval allows Florida counties to provide the “LiveBallot” system to its overseas absentee voters for use in the 2012 Presidential Preference Primary. The interim approval will lapse on February 20, 2012. For approval for the 2012 Primary and General Elections, a system enhancement is required that will allow counties to be able to import election data directly into the system.

Using the system, voters can request, mark and track their absentee ballots electronically. It is designed to provide greater online access, automation of absentee requests and expedite ballot delivery.

The coalition was recently awarded $1.6 million to enhance the absentee voting process for military and overseas citizens as part the Electronic Absentee Systems for Elections (EASE) grant funded by the Federal Voting Assistance Program.

Members of the Our Mission: Your Vote coalition include Baker, Bay, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Escambia, Leon, Nassau, Okaloosa, Pinellas, Putnam, Sarasota, and Wakulla Counties—serving nearly every major military installation in Florida.

For more information, contact the Supervisor of Elections by calling 850-689-5600 or 850-651-7272.

“We conduct absentee voting today just as we did during the civil war. We mail a soldier a ballot and hope he gets it. He votes and mails his ballot back and hopes we get it in time to count it,” said Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections, Paul Lux.

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